Trying to Decide Whether to Buy a New or Used Car?

August 10th, 2015 by

2015 Toyota CorollaWe’ve written a quick and easy guide for Palm Coast and Port Orange drivers deciding whether to buy a new or used car to show the advantages of each option. If you’re unsure which the right choice is for you, just take a moment to review our guide to understand you best options.

Why Buy New?

  • Custom-Made: Optional equipment, engine choices, and exterior or interior colors will all be exactly the way you want it with no need to compromise.
  • Brand New: An obvious advantage, since a new car has been in no accidents, has no wear and tear, and enjoys a clean history. And there’s the added bonus of that new car smell.
  • Warranty: Your vehicle is untouched and so is the warranty. Without paying extra, the best warranty is provided by the manufacturer when the car is new.
  • Most Recent Features: Newer cars are equipped with newer technology, and that means anything from enhanced multimedia and navigation systems, more comfort features, and more efficient engines with lower emissions.
  • Advanced Safety Systems: Safety equipment will also be top of the line. Stricter laws mean that many safety systems havebecome mandatory, and those willing to spend a little more will enjoy the latest driver-assistance technology.
  • Flexible Financing: Cost might be an issue, but banks and manufacturers offer lower financing rates on new vehicles.
  • Maintenance: Many new cars come with the added incentive of free scheduled maintenance for a certain time or amount of miles.
  • Location: All the newest models are found right at the dealership,  so there’s no need to wear out your shoes tracking down the right model.

Why Buy Used?

  • Cost: The most immediate benefit – a used vehicle is almost always going to be less expensive. You could save overall or choose to step up to a better model. You’ll also avoid the steep depreciation that happens right after purchase – often as much as 40% within the first year.
  • Insurance Rates: Most people think that insurance rates will be higher for a used model, but most often insurance rates are lower overall.
  • Choice: You won’t be able to build a used car to order, but you can choose from a wider range of years and models.

Find Your New or Used Vehicle at the Are man she towards

Whether buying a new or used car, Palm Coast and Port Orange drivers choose the Are man she towards. With 11 dealerships offering plenty of new and used car options, there’s no better place to visit for buying a new vehicle.

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