How to Buy a Car in Seven Simple Steps

August 21st, 2015 by

Buying a new carPort Orange and Palm Coast drivers wondering how to buy a car should take the time to read this quick and easy guide.

1. Understand Your Needs

When you’re thinking about how to buy a car, Palm Coast and Port Orange drivers should consider what their priorities are for everyday driving. If you have small children, find something that will accommodate a child seat easily and comes with adjustable seat belts, like an SUV or minivan. If you need to impress clients, look for something newer and more stylish, like a sporty sedan.

2. Appreciate the Cost

Affordability can be tricky, which is why it’s important to understand your budget before visiting a dealership. Different down payments, monthly rates, and loan periods can make the process hard to fathom at first. (And don’t forget expenses like fuel, maintenance, and insurance.) Finding a dealership that will work with you is important, just make sure not to commit to anything that is affordable for your current lifestyle.

3. Conduct Online Research

Researching your best vehicle options ahead of time is a great way to save money in the long run. One of the best ways to do so is to look at the information provided in terms of safety ratings (check out the IIHS,) industry and consumer reviews (try,) and five-year cost of ownership estimates (use an online calculator.)

4. Consider Leasing

Even though you may be looking to buy, it’s not the only option for obtaining a new vehicle. Leasing means that your monthly payments will be lower overall, and you can turn in your vehicle for a new model at the end of your term. Just understand that you’ll most likely have an annual mileage restriction, so take that into account.

5. Warranty and Insurance

New vehicles come with their own warranty, and most dealerships will provide one for their used models, too. Extended warranties are also a smart option, especially if you want to hold onto a new purchase for years to come. You’ll also need to arrange insurance before you drive the car home, and take the time to research gap insurance, too.

6. Trade or Sell

If you already own a car, you’ll need to either sell it independently or trade it in at the dealership. Trading in is hassle-free, and the money can be put towards a new vehicle, which may include other attractive savings. Selling it yourself should generally be avoided since it often takes more time to find a serious buyer.

7. Take a Thorough Test Drive

If you’re going to be using a car for the next few years, you should take a test drive to make sure it matches your expectations. Though it may be easy to be taken in by that new car smell, taking a test drive is an important step in learning how to buy a car. It’s important that you check everything, including ride quality, cabin noise, dashboard layout, and seat comfort. Is the trunk space sufficient? Is the driver’s seat easy to adjust? If used, are there any exterior blemishes and does it run well?

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