Best Family Vehicles at Are man she towards – Part 1

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When we were young, most of us dreamed of a sports car or maybe 4×4… whatever our dream car, there was one thing in common – we were pretty much only concerned with ourselves (and maybe a date). But start adding babies to the mix and start letting those babies grow and all of a sudden, we find ourselves looking for totally different things in a car. Fortunately, there are a few vehicles out there that meet our needs for a family car while being fun and exciting to drive. Here’s a look at some of the best vehicles for families on the market today:

Chrysler Town & Country

2016 Chrysler Town & Country

Once upon a time, people with large families had to drive boring old station wagons (remember the ones with the wood paneling?). It was either that or a full size (and gas guzzling) van. Enter the minivan and bam! Chrysler changed the whole scene for family vehicles. The Chrysler Town & Country was the frontrunner in the vanguard of minivans and retains its spot at the top of the heap. Today’s Town & Country comes with all kinds of family-friendly features, with versatile seating for seating for seven. Seats recline or fold away with a single touch, making room for all the kids’ friends or for cargo.

Dodge Journey

2016 Dodge Journey

Want to split the middle between the functionality of a minivan and the fun of a sports utility vehicle? Consider the Dodge Journey. It’s very practical, offering up to 26 miles per gallon with comfortable seating for seven and up to 67 cubic feet of cargo space. But drive it and you’ll find it isn’t exactly your average practical family vehicle. Not only is it fun to drive, but it features UB connections so everyone (except the driver, of course) can use laptops, tablets or other devices. Keeping your passengers entertained is easier than ever, even when “entertained” means something different to each of your four kids.

Fiat 500X or 500L

2016 Fiat 500X

Families aren’t one-size-fits-all, and any discussion of family vehicles needs to bear that in mind. Fiat might not be the first brand you think of when you think of family cars, but maybe it should be. Provided comfortable seating for five is enough for your family, there are plenty of economic options in the Fiat line. Consider the 500 series – the 500X or the 500L, specifically. Both expand on the popular Fiat 500, adding room while still providing a sporty, athletic-looking vehicle that provides up to 34 mpg. Fun to drive, with plenty of room for small families, both the 500X and 500L come in a variety of trim packages to meet your family’s specific needs.

Ford Expedition

2016 Ford Expedition

Need some extra room – a lot of extra room – to spread out? The Ford Expedition just may be for your family. While it’s a bit pricier than others on this list (MSRP starts at a little over $45K) and the gas mileage isn’t quite as high (it gets 22 mpg on the highway – very reasonable for an SUV with a V8), there’s plenty of extra power. If your family likes to take the boat to the lake or to go camping, the Expedition is a perfect vehicle for light to moderate towing (up to 9,200 lbs… plenty for most family needs), while still offering very spacious seating for up to eight.

Jeep Patriot

2016 Jeep Patriot

So, who says you have to give up your sense of adventure just because you have a couple of car seats to load up? Nobody told Jeep. The Jeep Patriot comes in at a very sensible starting MSRP of $17,695 whole offering roomy seating for five with plenty of family amenities. Seating is designed for flexibility, letting you configure for kids, cargo or both, while the available all-wheel drive keeps the family fun going wherever the road takes you… or for that matter, who needs roads? It is a Jeep, after all.

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